My Week On Instagram #12


I’m going to start this post by saying that I’m incredibly sore. On Monday and Tuesday I did weight training which was a really good work out. Thursday I was sore already but I still did my usual bokwa class. On Saturday I wanted to run but I wasn’t able to do it so I decided to stay at home and do a 20 min abs work out. It was good though. Today, I’ve went walking with my little niece and dad for like an hour. Very relaxing!

The first food picture is one of my favorite food in the world : sushi! It had been a while since I had some and it was so tasty. Thanks mom for bringing! In the second food picture, you can see an absolutely delicious vegan cookie with cranberries and chocolate. It’s from the brand ‘Billy’s farm’. I loved the crumbly texture and the smell of cinnamon. I’m such a foodie; I love trying new products in my local bio shop.

Unlike last week, the weather hasn’t been that good. I has been colder and cloudy. However, Thursday was an amazing hot spring day. I studied outside and wore my favorite new pants and white converse. I have been obsessed with them lately.

Saturday, my boyfriend and I went shopping in the ‘Roermond Outlet Center’. He bought 2 pairs of shorts, one pair of pants, sunglasses, a jacket and a shirt. I didn’t buy anything myself but I didn’t mind because we had a great day together.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post. What did you do this week?



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