Surprise From My Boyfriend

IMG_1256My boyfriend surprised me with a trip to Spa. We had so much fun so I really wanted to write a post about it.

On Monday morning, I first did a 10k run in 1 hour. After this work out, I took a shower and my boyfriend picked me up to go to Spa. It was a two hour’s drive. When we arrived, we immediately went to our hotel to check in. Our room was nice and we had a cool view of the wood. Unfortunately, I didn’t take a picture of that.

IMG_1262The sun was shining and we had a clear blue sky so we went for a walk in the wood nearby. It was very relaxing actually. We had to take a cableway to go upstairs and we went back by foot. We also took some selfies at the highest point because the view was great. When we arrived back at the hotel, we drank something in the bar. I took a peppermint tea because I just love the flavor.

Meanwhile, time flew by and we got to our room to ‘chillax’. We dressed up and went for a fancy dinner in the restaurant of the hotel. My starter consisted of  ravioli with mushrooms and my main dish was fish with pasta pesto. Afterwards, I took a shower and Francis and I watched some TV.



The next day, we got up early to have a big but healthy breakfast. The buffet consisted of eggs, bacon, vegetables, bread, cereal, nuts, dried fruits, different fruits like pineapple, melon, grapefruit; salmon, turkey,… I drank the best tea I’ve had in a while, it was vanilla flavored. After our fancy breakfast, we packed our stuff and went back to the reception. We checked out and went to ‘les thermes de Spa’. It was so much fun. We swam outdoor and indoor, went to the sauna and the hammam; we lay under lights that heat your body; we went in the bubble bath,… There was also a room that smelled like lemongrass where you could lay down and relax. We stayed there for almost 3 hours and we were sooo relaxed when we were done.

On our way back to Ghent, we decided to go to Liège. We did some shopping and ate something at the mall. Then, we took the car back home but there was a lot of traffic. We were for like 1 hour in the traffic jam. Luckily, my boyfriend is really funny and he was acting crazy in the car.

The trip to Spa was amazing. We should do more things like this.


*We stayed in the Radisson Blu Hotel :


My Week On Instagram #5

IMG_1216I did a lot of fun stuff this week. First of all, I can proudly announce that I passed all my exams. I’m really happy with that!

On Tuesday, my boyfriend and I went to the gym to work out for quite a bit. I didn’t do that much so that night I went back to take a spinning class. I never go twice a day to the gym but this was an exception.

On Wednesday, I worked the whole day as a promo girl for Danone, a famous brand here in Belgium that sells yoghurt. I had to work with this really funny guy who I had a lot of fun with. When we finished working, I drove to my boyfriend’s house to watch some football with his friends.

On Thursday I went to my friend’s house to celebrate our results of our exams. We were with three people in total and we ordered some Chinese food. I thought it was a little bit boring, because it was just mihoen with chicken.

On friday, my friends from secondary school and I went to a really cool bar to eat some tapas. We ate calamaris, patata bravas, little sandwiches with goat cheese and honey,… It was a really fun night because I hadn’t seen my friends for a long time. I took the bus to go to Ghent and when I arrived at my bus stop, I was in shock. All the big old trees were felled because they want to build houses at those spots. It’s really sad to see all the trees laying down and that we just can’t do anything about it.

On Saturday, I took my first shake ever after working out with my boyfriend. He bought this ‘shakething’ for me because it’s better for your muscles to recover. It tasted really sweet and like strawberry. For lunch, my mom and I made bruchettas. It was delicious. We had them with pesto/mozzarella/basil, egg/fish eggs/anchovy, a mixture of avocado/tomato/garlic/anchovy/… Really fun to make too. That night, I worked again at our local Football stadium.

Yesterday, I didn’t do a lot. I packed my stuff because today I’m going on a trip with my boyfriend. I’ll tell you more about it in another post. I baked brownies for my family and tried one myself and I also worked for the first time in a restaurant where I will be working every weekend.

This was a short recap of my week. I hope you enjoyed!

DIY Melted Crayon Art


I’ve completed my second DIY project yesterday. Basically you first sort the crayons out by color. After that, you paint your crayons onto the used ‘surface’ with a glue gun. You let it dry for a few minutes. Then, you blow your crayons with a blow dryer. Be aware that this can get messy so lay out some newspapers. I have let it dry over night.

It didn’t really turn out how I wanted it to be because my crayons weren’t all the same. There were different sizes and shapes so one crayon melted faster than an other one. I like the look though.

There a a lot of tutorials on Youtube or on blogs for how you can create this art piece step by step. Check it out!


Did I Succeed in My January Goals?


  • I wanted to run 10k in 1 hour and I…. succeeded! I actually did this run yesterday morning on the very last day of January. It wasn’t hard at all.
  • I made a scrub but not from the website I had mentioned. I made my own lip scrub just by mixing sugar with olive oil. My lips are so dry lately because of the cold weather. This srub was the perfect idea.
  • I’ve made my own vision board and it’s standing on my desk. I even made a blog post about it.
  • I didn’t make a jar of happiness, just because I don’t know if i’m going to keep writing little notes about my life. My blog is already my diary so I figured it would be too much. That doesn’t take away that I’ll ever make this as a present for someone.

After I’ve reflected on my previous goals, I’ll always write down my goals for the new month. Here are 4 goals for February :

  1. I want to make my own rainbow melted crayon art piece. I saw this several times on Pinterest and I love the idea.
  2. I want to run 12k (10k/h). I know this will be a hard one but I really want to succeed.
  3. I want to make valentine’s day treats.
  4. I want to donate blood in the month of February. I’m old enough now to do it and it’s very important to do it.


January Favorites


January is over so I thought : “Why not doing my January favorites?” I have a few beauty products and two random favorites.

  1. My new purchase of the month : Miss Dior Chérie (perfume) from Dior. Lovely scent, perfect for romantic evenings. It’s expensive though but so worth it.
  2. Essence nail polish (I’m dynamite) : This glitter nail polish is perfect if you want to spice up your look.
  3. Essence coverstick : I really like this concealer. It’s very cheap and it does its job.
  4. Kruidvat hair repair anti klit silk spray : After showering, my hair tends to klit which is very annoying. This spray is the perfect solution for my hair.
  5. Cien deodorant sensitive : To be honest, I hate deodorant. The smell is always way too strong. To me, it’s the same as sweat. Recently I went grocery shopping for my mum and I saw this really cheap deodorant. It was a roll-on one. I smelled and wow, I finally found the perfect smell. Soft and fresh, not too strong and on top of that, it doesn’t irritate my skin.
  6. Novavie bamboo scrub & skin recovery mask : These products are amazing. By far the best products I’ve ever used! It was on the more expensive side (25 euros each) but the results are amazing. First I scrub my face in the shower. The formula is very soft and all natural (no perfume for example). Afterwards, I apply the mask and let it sit for about 20minutes. Then, I wash it all off and apply my favorite day or night cream.


  1. Fairtrade Oxfam Cacao : I try to buy more fairtrade products lately. That’s not a problem for me because I love going to the Oxfam shop in my town. There are so many cool products to cook with. In the beginning of the month, I bought this cacao. It’s unsweetened so perfect for cooking. It just tasted like a regular cacao but it was very granular.
  2. The cookbook of Pascale Naessens : She’s a healthguru here in Belgium. Her recipes are great and very healthy of course. I love it because she also tells things about her life and she explains why this lifestyle is so good. I really recommend trying some of her recipes. They are basically mediterranean inspired.


How I Stay Motivated To Work Out


  1. My first tip is the most important one : you have to do it for yourself. Working out is not something that you do to please someone else. It’s something that you do because you feel better about yourself. Maybe you want to feel more energized or you want to be in a better condition or maybe you even want to lose some weight. Set your own goals, write them down and never forget them. It’s your body and your health, it’s up to you what you want to do with it. Make yourself proud!
  2. My second tip : results. The moment that results are showing, you will get so motivated to go on. Seriously! I’ve worked a lot to achieve my goal to be more toned and stronger. Last week I got two major compliments. My boyfriend said that my legs were so much more toned and that I looked beautiful. The second compliment I got was one of the coach in my fitness. He said that I looked amazing and that working out really paid off!
  3. Search your motivation on the Internet. There are so many fitnessguru’s on Youtube that will help you and motivate you to go on. Same with work out routines. Internet is the best place to inspire you. Sometimes I love to read quotes about health and fitness because it really does make me realize that it’s very important to take care of that.
  4. Buy new work out clothing. As I mentioned already in one of my previous posts, I rewarded myself with new work out clothing. I immediately felt motivated because you feel good in those clothes. I would recommend very colorful and brightening clothing because that’s the way I personally feel when I work out.
  5. It’s also necessary to have a good work out playlist. I feel like I‘m on top of the world when I listen to good music while exercising. Here are a few of my favorite songs :

1)      Sebastian Ingrosso & Tommy Trash – Reload
2)      Feel So Close – Calvin Harris
3)      Contiez Ft. Trevy G. – Trumpsta
4)      Wilkinson – Afterglow
5)      MGMT- Kids
6)      M83 – Midnight City
7)      Gnarls Barkley – Run
8)      FAUL – Changes (Feat Wad Ad)
9)      Dire Straits- Walk Of Life
10)   Avicii – Hey Brother

I hope you liked this post! Now go downloading my work out playlist and buy some new work out clothing. 🙂


Vision Board 2014


Here it is, DIY n°1! I made my own vision board and I’m very very veeeery happy with the result. It turned out just like I wanted it to be. It has different aspects of my life. Let me explain the different things you can see.

  1. You can see some pictures of me. That’s because my vision board is obviously about me and my life.
  2. There are also three pictures of my boyfriend and I because he plays a big role in my life. He’s my second hand, let’s say.
  3. There are a few quotes on the board because I get inspired by them. The quotes relate a lot to me. I’m going to translate a few for you : “Fall, get up and go on!”
    “Go on. Always.”
    “Impress by being yourself!”
  4. Of course there are health related pictures because healthy living is my passion. Things like running, fitness, juicing, salads, pineaple (one of my favorite fruits) … are mentioned.
  5. I’m a girl so beauty is very important for me. I want to look good and I actually really like it to use make up and to treat myself.
  6. Last but not least, you can see some random sayings like ‘saving money’, ‘growing up’, ‘women can’t park’, ‘defense’, ‘family’,… these all describe myself in the perfect way.

I really hope you like this idea and I recommend doing it yourself. It will be nice to look back at it!