I’m a Covergirl!

Flair_Covergirl_19feb2014-0491-bewerktRemember that I told you about this shoot I did recently for my favorite magazine, Flair? Well, this week the picture and interview were published. I really like how it all turned out. I look really happy and bright with the yellow coat, my favorite color. I also love, love, love my hair-do and make up, done by this make up artist. I’ve got a lot of compliments by friends, family and my boyfriend of course. He instagrammed me which I thought was adorable.

Everything that I’m wearing is from Zara, except voor the bag (River Islands). I find the outfit very flattering on me. It reflexts how I have been feeling for the past few months : happy, blessed and healthy.

Do you like how it turned out?



3 thoughts on “I’m a Covergirl!

  1. You look absolutely stunning! I have always enjoyed modeling, having done so in advertising for some photographer friends of mine; however, I have never had the good fortune of being on a magazine cover. Wow! Congrats! You and your sister are so lovely [yes, I saw her blog first which led me to yours 😉 ] and you definitely deserve to be on that cover!

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