New Year, New Goals

I’m so thrilled that 2015 has finally started. Not that I didn’t like 2014 but there’s something about a new year. It’s like starting a new chapter in your life.

In 2014 I did lots of fun stuff. The most memorial thing I did was going to LA. I wrote a few posts about it on my blog but then I stopped though. For me, it was the best trip I’ve ever made in my life. I visited so many places and met so many people. Also, I finally had the chance to visit my sister Julie who’s living near Redondo Beach. I still think about this vacation every day and I know that one day I’ll definitely be going back.




To afford this trip, I had to make money so I got a job in a restaurant in my town. It definitely isn’t my dream job but it’s nice to have left some money at the end of the month.

This summer I went to Albufeira with my boyfriend Francis and his friends. I had a great time but I wouldn’t do it again. It couldn’t beat my road trip in the United States. I rather save my money and go to a more exciting place. Don’t get me wrong, I found it so cool to go with my friends but they’re boys and they like to party a lot which is totally not my thing.



In 2014, I also made some great friends. My best friends are called Felien en Elien and we did lots of fun stuff this year, like going to the gym together and meet up for our dinner dates. We had this idea to every now and then cook for each other which is the best. I’ll insert some pictures here in which you can see what we created.

6tag_160814-235856 6tag_080814-183431     We also went to a friend of ours to enjoy a fun jacuzzi night with some drinks.


In July, I met up with some girls of high school. I really don’t drink that often, in fact I almost never drink but that night, they got me drunk! I think I had more mojito’s than I should… 😉


Fitness-related, not a whole lot has changed. I still work out 5 times a week (or at least I try to). However this year I started weight training. I always got a little bit scared when seeing all those machines and big guys in the gym but now I know that I don’t need to feel like that. I’m very disciplined and in September (when I really started focussing on weights) I started to notice some muscle definition. I’m so pleased with the results!


10836465_10200131481727792_2009351977_n 10934239_10200322316498542_843142087_n 28-01-2015

One of my goals for 2014 was to make videos again. A few years ago, making videos was my passion. I started filming again a few weeks back. If you would like to see some of my videos, you can go to my Youtube channel!


Something else that I really enjoyed doing was taking cooking classes. Every Thursday we made a 3-course menu. Although a lot of times I didn’t really like the food we made, I found it very relaxing to actually take the time to cook a whole meal.

10811543_10200111918518724_1613609265_n2014 was a great year but not the best. In December I struggled a bit with myself. I had exams, didn’t feel good about myself; the weather has been bad (I hate winter) and I worried a lot about all the changes that I’m going through.  Maybe I’ll write a post about this topic in the future.

Here are some pictures (taken in 2014) that make me happy:









10349021_4455729729362_389739734124925024_nI hope you enjoyed this rather long post! Cheers to a happy 2015 with lots of love, happiness, fun and joy!


New Year’s Resolutions

71430_10152297820449863_2020991811_nThis picture was taken on new year’s eve.

As I started my blog one year ago with my new year’s resolutions for 2013, I wanted to do the same thing, one year later. Some will remain the same but I do have a few new ones.

1. I want to make more money. Life’s expensive as a student but I want to enjoy every minute of it. Twice a month will be the minimum. I’m thinking of getting a job for the weekend? I’m planning to do student jobs during school breaks.

2. I want to travel a lot more. I’m old enough now and I think it’s a good thing to explore and visit new places. I’m definitely going to LA this summer. My sister will stay there for a whole year and I want to visit her. I’m not sure who I’m going with but my cousin is interested. It would be so much fun. I’m also thinking of going on a roadtrip with some friends. Wouldn’t that be cool?

3. I want to keep up with my work out routine. I’ve started doing fitness about half a year ago and ever since then, I feel so much better. I love to sport and make myself proud. It’s great for the mind too. This year I’ll be taking classes like BBB, bokwa,spinning class and ofcourse do some running, crosstrainer, hiking on the treadmill and using the stairs machine.

4. I’m so sick of being addicted to the Internet so I decided to take a step back and be more creative. I want to do more DIY’s that I will be posting on my blog of course.

5. Be more social. I tend to stay in my room for hours. I want to act more and think less. Therefore I’m going to be more outside and do more activities, not only with my boyfriend but also with my girlfriends.

6. Like every girl I want to stay healthy. 2013 has been fantastic already. I was experimenting with different eating lifestyles. Clean eating is really difficult for every one of us but it’s so important for our bodies. It means eating things in its natural state, not being processed. My main focus this year will be controlling my portions and of course, my sugar free lifestyle will be continued.

7. This is also a health-related resolution. I want to eat a lot more salads because I absolutely love them. Sometimes I’m a little bit lazy to make them but this year I will make it a habit to eat habits for diner/lunch every day.

8. Last but not least I’m also thinking of making videos again, or pictures. I don’t know yet. I just want to share my life with all of you because life’s to short and you have to do what you love.

I send all my love to you and wish all of you a happy 2014!