My Week On Instagram #17

Happy Monday dear reader

I figured to share my highlights of the week rather than sharing my whole week. Let’s take a closer look…

IMG_2136On Tuesday I had one class of Spanish and afterwards, I returned the shorts I bought in H&M earlier that month. They weren’t the right size. Instead I bought a really flattering top in a minty color. I love it because I can combine it with a lot of other clothes I already have.

On Wednesday my boyfriend came over and he stayed the night. He could stay because on Thursday my weekend started already. The next day we studied together and it really worked out. I did a morning run while he made himself ready for the day and served breakfast in bed. I wish we could do this every day. That night, I had to work in the restaurant.

On Saturday, my mom and I went shopping. We never do this and after weeks of asking her to go shopping with me, she finally did it. I got a new jeans jacket and a pair of beautiful sandals. I think I haven’t worn sandals in years. I can’t get over them especially when I wear them in combination with a dress and my jeans jacket. I should ask my dad if he wants to take a picture when I wear an outfit like this.

IMG_2203In the afternoon I sneaked out of the house to have a gym session with my boyfriend. I’m still sore but I’m not complaining because my hard work pays off. I’m getting stronger every day. That night I worked again. Basically I worked three days in a row which is totally fine for me because I need the money. I’m saving so that I’ll have the best vacation ever.

On Sunday I went to Francis’ house to study. We studied the whole day and I did a lot for school. I’m even amazed myself.

Oh and to finish I’d like to share my awesome food/drink favorites of the week.

IMG_2173Homemade lemonade with fresh mint

IMG_2204yogurt with strawberries and a couple of cashew nuts

Have a great week you all!




My Week On Instagram #16

Dear reader

I’m so sorry that I’m posting this on a Tuesday. Time goes by so fast and before you know, the week is over already.

On Thursday I met up with my dear friend, Febe who started a blog recently. I’ll link her below. We went to the Soup’r for lunch. In my opinion, they serve the best soup in Ghent. Beside soup, you can also opt for salads, sandwiches and even dessert. Febe went for a thai curry soup with pieces of chicken and peanuts and I had the Asparagus soup. I wish I knew the recipe.

After our lunch, we went to one of my favorite shops at the moment. It calls ‘Rituals’ and I love the concept. Most of the products are for your body but you can also buy make up, tea en a few home decor things. I had to buy a gift box for a friend of mine (Lore) who would give a surprise BBQ later that week. The shop-assistant asked if we needed any help and said that they had an amazing deal. All the skincare products were 2+1 which gave us the opportunity to buy an amazing present for Lore.

We spent like an hour in that shop because the girl started to test some products on our hands. Febe and I loved it so much that we bought 3 products for ourselves. I also really liked the fact that she gave us a lot of information about the products.

I bought the exfoliator, a product that you have to use twice a week to scrub off all the dead skin of your face. You have to be very gentle on your skin with the product because their are a lot of grains in it. The second product I bought was a toner. Basically you have to use this after you removed your make up to remove the excess make up. It gives your pores the chance to close up. Lastly, I bought the day cream. This was also the most expensive product but I knew, it would be a investment. I have been using these products for a week now and I seriously can’t complain. My skin looks great and I don’t have any pimples right now. The fact that I have been juicing lately, will also be a reason for that I think.

Ok, that description was waaay too long! Let’s move on…

After all the shopping, we were a little bit thirsty and we decided to have a drink. I went for my usual tea, lemon tea this time and Febe went for the freshly squeezed lemon juice. They gave her sugar to make it less sour and a little can of water. I had a taste and I found it so tasty that I tried to make my own lemonade at home. It was a success.

Afterwards, we went home again. I enjoy spending time with Febe. I always have a great time with her and she’s just a nice person to talk with. I feel comfortable and that’s a big thing for me because most of the time, I’m anxious to meet up with someone.

IMG_2111On Friday night I had to work but I didn’t mind because I really needed the money. On Saturday, I went for a 40 minutes run. That night, I picked up my boyfriend to go to the BBQ of Lore. She wanted to surprise her boyfriend, Francis’ best friend, for his birthday. His reaction was really cute because he had no idea. We all had the best time. I love parties like this : good music, delicious food, lovely people,… After dinner we decided to sit by the fire that the boys made in the garden. It was 2 am already when I finally got home.

IMG_2107On Sunday I had to go to a family party for my cousin’s communion. We barely see each other so it was nice to catch up.

Do you see your family a lot ?


* Febe’s blog :

My Week On Instagram #14


This week, I’ve did a lot of fun things. The only thing that wasn’t that fun were the tests I had to make. French and English went well, Spanish was difficult and Excel half and half.

After my Spanish Test, my boyfriend picked me up at my school. He has a roofless car which is pretty amazing. I think it’s very sexy to see him drive. Afterwards he stayed at my house for a while and we decided to study together.

In the next picture, you can see one of my favorite snacks : low-fat cream cheese with fruit and topped with nuts or sugar free granola. I like to keep it light so that I’m still hungry for dinner.

The last two pictures show an evening walk that I did earlier this week, one of my favorite activities to do lately. Look at that sunset, isn’t it beautiful?!


It doesn’t happen often but every now and then, my boyfriend and I go to the gym together. In the beginning I always did my usual cardio stuff and he did weights and machines. Now, we do that last thing together. I can’t keep my eyes of him when he’s doing exercises. I’m just so proud of him and I know he is proud of me too.

On Friday, it was my birthday. Although I really don’t like birthdays, I celebrated it with my two friends, Febe and Hélène. We went to the mall and did some shopping. Afterwards we bought us a juice. Later that night, I went to my boyfriend’s football game. He didn’t win but he played very well though. Amber, one of the players’ girlfriend, accompagnied me.

In the third picture you can see the muffins I made for my birthday. They dissapointed a bit. You can find the reason why and the recipe here :

In the last picture I am busy studying while my boyfriend is watching television and eating tortilla chips with salsa. He was like my moral support.

IMG_1979Let’s start with the picture of my outfit. I absolutely love it. I tucked in my sweater into my shorts and paired it with my white converse shoes. I finished the look with a set of three colorful bracelets. Oh and while I was making these pictures, I noticed that my calves were getting strong. Things like this make me happy! Hard work really does pay off.

I’m going to finish this post with the most exciting thing that happened this week. On Sunday, my cousin came over and we planned our ROADTRIP TO THE WEST COAST OF THE USA!!! Yes, we are going to travel for about 16 days. We will go to Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Joshua Tree, Page, Lake Powell, Zion National Park, Sequoia National Park, Yosemite National Park, San Francisco, Malibu,… I didn’t even summed up all the places. Of course, we will also visit my sisters who’s currently living in Redondo Beach, LA. I can’t wait to finally take off. It will be epic!

I love the watch he was wearing. It’s one of those wooden watches. Do you like it?


My Week On Instagram #11

IMG_1681This week has been lovely. I enjoyed the weather so much because I knew it would be the last week of wonderful temperatures like these.

On Sunday, I wore my new dress from Asos. I’ve had this dress for a few months now but I never really had the chance to wear it. I paired it with my sister’s jeans jacket, my white converse shoes and some gold bangles.

Speaking of bangles, my go-to bracelet combo lately are these little ones with cute charms on it. They came in a packet of four different colors but I can’t find the fourth one anymore.

The third picture might sound a little bit weird but hey, girls need underwear too. I bought these really cute undies and my favorite one is definitely the hot pink one.

Sports-wise, I continued the ‘running outside thing’. I find it very relaxing to breath in some fresh air and watching other people while running. I did four runs this week which is a pretty good start. Oh, I love my ‘Meow’ sweatshirt from Sincerely Jules. I kinda live in this thing.


IMG_1691In the first picture you can see vouchers that I got in exchange for old shoes and handbags. I’m very happy that I finally got rid of some of my really old handbags because I didn’t know where to put them.

The second picture shows my favorite tea. It’s the green tea with vanilla from the brand ‘Lord Nelson’. It really tastes like vanilla and when I drink a cup of tea, my whole room smells like it, as if a vanilla scented candle is burning.

I figured to buy some new nail polishes because my nail polish collection really needed a spring update. I got these three pretty colors but the picture doesn’t show how they look in real life. They are much brighter actually.

The last picture is completely random. I’m just in love with this three in my garden. It’s a Japanse cherry blossom. When it’s windy, the little flowers are falling down and they look like little snow flakes. So pretty!

Last but not least, I wanted to tell about this amazing afternoon I had with my friends and boyfriend. We went to this square where everyone was sitting to enjoy the weather. We drank a few drinks and talked a lot. Then, my boyfriend and I decided to go home. Francis drove me home with his ‘roofless’ car. I love these kind of days when everything seems so perfect.

I hope you had as much fun as I had.


My Week On Instagram #9

February is officially over but winter isn’t. It has been raining a lot this week but after rain comes sunshine so I’ll be thinking positive. This week I have been very active. I did things with my friends, went for a walk, did some grocery shopping,… Let’s start with my first Instaframe.IMG_1544

  • Currently, I have been loving oatmeal for breakfast. I love to sweeten it with stevia or sometimes even some raw sugar. I also need a ton of fruit and sometimes even some kind of skin yogurt.
  • Tuesday didn’t start in a good way. I went to school with my bike but suddenly my wheel broke. I called my dad and he put my bike in his car. Then, I took the bus to school and of course I was half an hour later than I should. Luckily, the teacher wasn’t mad at me. The day after, an old man repaired my bike and I got a new wheel.
  • Last week, I ordered shoes from Asos. Wednesday, they arrived. I got white Converse shoes and black heels. Sadly enough, the black heels didn’t fit so I have to return them.
  • Can you see the muscles in my legs? Gym is paying off and I think that results are my biggest motivation to go on with what I do. I love to be strong and to be able to have this control over my body.
  • The sun was popping out so I figured to make a short walk. Can you see the rain on the ground? Anyway, I love walking which seems weird but I think it’s very relaxing.
  • I’ve found out that my shorts I wear for my work outs are yoga shorts in fact. However, I love them. They are so comfortable and I can spread my legs without showing anything. I bought them at H&M and they were very cheap, like 10 euros.
  • My boyfriend was making selfies when I wasn’t in the same room. I love to discover pictures like this on my Iphone. Today, we are 1 year and a half together. ❤
  • My friend Febe and I had a lunch date at bagel bar, Jackies. She is new on WordPress and I would love it if you check her out. I’ll link her below.

IMG_1545Here are the best things I’ve eaten this week :

  1. A smoked salmon and cream cheese bagel with rucola and avocado at Jackies.
  2. I tried this 9 bar for the first time and I found it delicious. It looked a bit weird because of the seeds but I was very tasty.
  3. I made this pasta with shrimps, leeks and a buttery white wine sauce. The recipe was based on the one of Byron Talbott, a man who makes delicious dishes on Youtube.
  4. A double choc farmer cookie from the brand ‘Sondey’.
  5. Pizza funghi with artichokes. I had this on ‘Fat Friday’ with the girls of my school.

I hope you liked this rather long post. Be sure to check out my following post about my March Goals and my February Favorites.

* Bagel bar :
* Shrimp Scampi & Linguine
* Febe’s blog :

Surprise From My Boyfriend

IMG_1256My boyfriend surprised me with a trip to Spa. We had so much fun so I really wanted to write a post about it.

On Monday morning, I first did a 10k run in 1 hour. After this work out, I took a shower and my boyfriend picked me up to go to Spa. It was a two hour’s drive. When we arrived, we immediately went to our hotel to check in. Our room was nice and we had a cool view of the wood. Unfortunately, I didn’t take a picture of that.

IMG_1262The sun was shining and we had a clear blue sky so we went for a walk in the wood nearby. It was very relaxing actually. We had to take a cableway to go upstairs and we went back by foot. We also took some selfies at the highest point because the view was great. When we arrived back at the hotel, we drank something in the bar. I took a peppermint tea because I just love the flavor.

Meanwhile, time flew by and we got to our room to ‘chillax’. We dressed up and went for a fancy dinner in the restaurant of the hotel. My starter consisted of  ravioli with mushrooms and my main dish was fish with pasta pesto. Afterwards, I took a shower and Francis and I watched some TV.



The next day, we got up early to have a big but healthy breakfast. The buffet consisted of eggs, bacon, vegetables, bread, cereal, nuts, dried fruits, different fruits like pineapple, melon, grapefruit; salmon, turkey,… I drank the best tea I’ve had in a while, it was vanilla flavored. After our fancy breakfast, we packed our stuff and went back to the reception. We checked out and went to ‘les thermes de Spa’. It was so much fun. We swam outdoor and indoor, went to the sauna and the hammam; we lay under lights that heat your body; we went in the bubble bath,… There was also a room that smelled like lemongrass where you could lay down and relax. We stayed there for almost 3 hours and we were sooo relaxed when we were done.

On our way back to Ghent, we decided to go to Liège. We did some shopping and ate something at the mall. Then, we took the car back home but there was a lot of traffic. We were for like 1 hour in the traffic jam. Luckily, my boyfriend is really funny and he was acting crazy in the car.

The trip to Spa was amazing. We should do more things like this.


*We stayed in the Radisson Blu Hotel :