On day 3, Bas and I started our actual road trip. We first went to Trader Joe’s to buy some healthy snacks. Of course, I had to get something with peanut butter too. What I really noticed was the huge amount of bars they offered. I liked cliff bars the most, in particular the one with peanut butter and chocolate. We got fresh fruit and veggies, humus and guacamole, salads, bars and seaweed. Time to leave LA! 10603434_10152225281761008_4765736955555835419_n This day we went to Joshua Tree, our first national park. It struck to me how lonely it was there. I thought national parks would be much more crowded. By the time we got there, it was lunch-time already. We had a picknick at one of the picknick-areas and ate our delicious quinoa salad. 10690220_4785191405698_7804781186615510446_n Later on, we walked for almost one hour through the park. There was a pathway that we could follow but Bas wanted to walk his own path. Suddenly we saw a turtle. How cool is that?! We also made some pictures on the rocks because there are lots of these in the park.

When we got back in the car, Bas told me he saw the skin of a snake on the pathway. That’s why he wanted to walk his own path! He knew I’m extremely afraid of worms (I’m sure you can call it a fobia…) so you could imagine how my relation with snakes would be.

We then drove to Kingman, a town on route 66. I thought driving on route 66 was absolutely legendary. That night we slept in a motel that had the biggest bed EVER…

To be continued…


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