September has been crazy. The 1st September, Francis and I were two years together. We went swimming in a tropical indoor swimming pool. Afterwards, we decided to go out for dinner. We really enjoyed that day a lot. That night he stayed at my house because the next day he would drive me to the airport. That’s because my cousin, Bas, and I were going to the USA to go on a road trip to the West (coast) of the USA.

Our first stay would be LA. After arriving in LAX, we first had to get our rental car. We chose the jeep which we thought was pretty big. However, our car was nothing like compared to all the cars LA people were driving.


I was very tired after being on a plane the whole day so the only thing I wished for at that point was a bed. We had booked a room in the Samesun hostel in Venice. This was my first experience with hostels. I liked it for one night but I wouldn’t recommend it because the bathroom was kind of dirty, in particular the shower.

Anyway, the next day we wandered around at the beach. We met a black guy who wanted us to listen to ‘his’ music. We liked the guy so we bought his CD for 5 dollars. Little did we know that we would listen to that CD the whole trip.

After seeing Venice Beach, we decided to get a green juice at Kreation, an awesome place at Abbot Kinney if you enjoy food but still want to keep it clean. After visiting some shops at Abbot Kinney, we headed to Hollywood where we saw Beverly Hills and the Walk of Fame. We thought this was a little bit of faded glory. To eat, we went to this awesome Mexican place where we ate the best fish tacos.

We ended our day in USA hostels in Hollywood. We met an Asian guy who was pretty cool too. This hostel was way nicer because everything was better organized; the kitchen was bigger and the bathroom was very clean.


The next day, we decided to get our work out done. We hiked all the way up at Runyon Canyon. In the end, we got a view over the valley and we could even see the Hollywood sign. Then, we met Bas’ friend Zoe in Koreatown. They first met in Israel and Bas contacted her again because back then, she said that if he would ever go to LA, he should come to visit her. He sent her an email and we could couch surf at her place. Actually it wasn’t hers but the house of her two moms. They lived in Venice and were the coolest parents ever (after mine… DUH).

Back to Koreatown! Zoe wanted us to guide through LA but she didn’t want to show us the most obvious touristic attractions. In Koreatown we got a Chinese foot- and body massage. I even fell asleep. Then we went to this all you can eat Korean BBQ restaurant. Sadly enough, I can’t remember its name anymore. I was so stuffed after that meal that I couldn’t eat anything else that day.


After eating, we wanted to chill for quite a bit. We wandered around and saw a golf court above a parking lot. We also went to Union Station, Grand Central Market and the oldest street of  LA. To end the day, we went to this arty district of the city. We met camera men who were filming a documentary for National Geographic. They needed two persons for a scene. Bas and I wanted to be in NG of course so we did our first acting job ever there. This was so cool.

We only went to the house when it was already 10pm. I was so tired because we had done so much that day. I knew I had to sleep well because the next day we would start our actual road trip…

To be continued.


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