Juice It Up! #FFS

I have to admit something, I love juicing. It feel so refreshed after drinking a glass of juice. Of course, I make it myself because the store-bought juice is filled with sugar and bad ingredients.

I thought it would be fun to share one of my favorite juices. Basically, you just have to juice all these ingredient. It’s really up to you how much of a certain veggie or fruit you use. Let’s start!
Ingredients :
2 big tomatoes – 1/3 cucumber – 1 lemon – 1 apple – ginger (to taste)

This juice is packed with vitamins. You’re very hydrated afterwards which makes this a good juice for spring/summer. It’s also good for your digestion and skin.

IMG_2099I also recommend you to make your own lemonade. It’s so incredibly delicious. You just need 3/4 of a glass filled with freshly squeezed lemon juice (but you can also use grapefruit juice for example). Then add a little bit cold water to thin it out and a few stevia drops to make it a little bit less sour. That’s all you need and I promise you…you will love it!

Oh and I totally realize that my arm looks yellow in the picture. Don’t mind, it’s just the light that’s doing weird.





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