Hazelnut Butter Spread


A few weeks ago my mom brought home a package of hazelnuts. She thought I liked hazelnuts because I love my cashew nuts. As a matter of fact I hate eating hazelnuts on its own. They are way too dry and plain. Recently I was browsing through some websites. I wanted to use my hazelnuts in a recipe but I just didn’t know how. I came across several ‘hazelnut butter spread’ recipes. I read a few of them and then started to assemble all the ingredients that I needed :

200gr roasted hazelnuts (just roast them a few minutes in a hot pan) – some sort of oil (I used olive oil because that was the only oil that we had. Of course, hazelnut oil would be the best option) – cacao powder – cinnamon – salt

I threw my hazelnuts in my food processor and started to mix them. Every minute, I had to scrape off the mixture of the sides. I was confused. After 10min, there still wasn’t any sign of out coming oil. Sooooo I kept mixing… At this point the hazelnuts were stuck together like wet sand. After 20min, my patience was completely lost and I added oil. I wanted to eat a buttery consistency, not sand!

Eventually, I also added cacao powder, cinnamon and salt to taste. My spread wasn’t creamy at all. It looked more like a wet brownie (if you know what I mean).

I was disappointed because I wanted to make a healthy spread, not one packed with oil. Maybe I did something wrong?

Oh and I didn’t take a picture of the spread. It didn’t look appealing, you know. 😀 This is the picture I used : http://www.cookingactress.com/2013/05/homemade-nutella-chocolate-hazelnut.html ==> Her spread looked the most like mine!




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