My Week On Instagram #15

Spring break started this week. Actually, I have to study in these two weeks for my upcoming exams but I haven’t really done an effort yet. I really needed some relaxing time after my week with all the tests. This post will be a little bit messy because I can’t remember all the things that I have done this week. I’m sorry for that. Anyway, come take a look at my pictures of this week.

IMG_2054Remember that I wanted to make my own fruit popsicles. If yes, the first picture shows my first creation. It’s just kiwi, blended into a smoothie consistency, with chunks of pineapple. The popsicle itself was a bit of a fail though because I didn’t fill up the popsicle forms enough. However, they tasted delicious, sweet and sour.

A few days ago, I also bought a new sports bra. I was in need for a new one because my other one didn’t do its job anymore. Obviously, I didn’t take a picture of me wearing this bra. When I was in that store, I suddenly came across this adorable gym bag from Roxy. I bought it immediately because I knew it would look super cute with my running shoes and my H&M sports jacket in pink.

Another April goal was to do a lot of walks and that’s what I did the past few weeks. The weather is still great so I can’t complain or make excuses to not go for a walk.

The last picture is quite funny. No words needed.

IMG_2053On Thursday I went out eating sushi with friends that I hadn’t seen in a while. I loved it. In the beginning I was a little bit nervous because I’m not that into those meetings with a lot of people. I know that sounds weird but I always get a little bit anxious. I was hesitating to go but in the end, I was really happy that I did it because I had a lot of fun. I just love sushi. It’s my favorite.


Omg, my boyfriend is the sweetest. He bought me this box from Rituals, full of beauty products. It was a late birthday gift and I’m so thankful. He knows me so well. I had a cream of this particular scent before and I was in love with it. He remembered this and bought me the whole set. So sweet!

The second picture shows a snack that I had a few days back. It’s a rice cracker topped with fresh pesto, Camembert, cherry tomatoes and basil. I love these savory snacks.

On Saturday, I went to a birthday party of two friends of mine. It was ok but I felt bad because everyone was so drunk and I wasn’t. I felt the outsider because I didn’t drink. It’s just that I don’t like alcohol.

IMG_2051My favorite picture of the week has to be the one with my boyfriend kissing me. That was also the most fun day (Wednesday) of the week. We went to the gym together and did an awesome work out. Then, we drove home to my house and took a shower. We lunched with my parents and talked a lot. Afterwards, we studied together for the whole afternoon in my garden. That evening, we went for dinner in my favorite restaurant. My family came along. I felt extremely happy and in love that day.

I know you haven’t seen my family yet but in this collage, you can see my dad and I acting crazy. I like those moments that we have fun together.

The last picture is a food picture because we all love food. It’s my mango breakfast parfait. The recipe is up on my blog. Be sure to check it out.

Did you have an extremely happy moment this week? If yes, tell me about it in the comments below.



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