Breakfast Mango Parfait


A few of my readers have been asking to post some more breakfast ideas recipes. I never really made time for this because my breakfasts are so easy. Now however, I’m going to change things up. I present you my breakfast mango parfait!

This is the kind of breakfast I’ll eat when I have eaten a little bit more on the unhealthier side the day before. That’s because it’s light and fresh.

This is what you’ll need :
Mango – a few tbsp sugar free muesli – light cream cheese (or yoghurt or Greek yoghurt) – stevia 

I’ll start by cutting my mango into fine pieces. Then, I’ll sweeten my light cream cheese. I prefer to use stevia drops. At this point we are ready to assemble the parfait. I start with a layer of the light cream cheese, then a layer of mango pieces and to finish one to two tablespoons of sugar free muesli. Repeat this until your glass is filled. Enjoy!




3 thoughts on “Breakfast Mango Parfait

  1. karlacvaldovinos says:

    I love your blog some much that I wanted to show my love my nominating you for The Liebster Award, you deserve it

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