My Week On Instagram #14


This week, I’ve did a lot of fun things. The only thing that wasn’t that fun were the tests I had to make. French and English went well, Spanish was difficult and Excel half and half.

After my Spanish Test, my boyfriend picked me up at my school. He has a roofless car which is pretty amazing. I think it’s very sexy to see him drive. Afterwards he stayed at my house for a while and we decided to study together.

In the next picture, you can see one of my favorite snacks : low-fat cream cheese with fruit and topped with nuts or sugar free granola. I like to keep it light so that I’m still hungry for dinner.

The last two pictures show an evening walk that I did earlier this week, one of my favorite activities to do lately. Look at that sunset, isn’t it beautiful?!


It doesn’t happen often but every now and then, my boyfriend and I go to the gym together. In the beginning I always did my usual cardio stuff and he did weights and machines. Now, we do that last thing together. I can’t keep my eyes of him when he’s doing exercises. I’m just so proud of him and I know he is proud of me too.

On Friday, it was my birthday. Although I really don’t like birthdays, I celebrated it with my two friends, Febe and Hélène. We went to the mall and did some shopping. Afterwards we bought us a juice. Later that night, I went to my boyfriend’s football game. He didn’t win but he played very well though. Amber, one of the players’ girlfriend, accompagnied me.

In the third picture you can see the muffins I made for my birthday. They dissapointed a bit. You can find the reason why and the recipe here :

In the last picture I am busy studying while my boyfriend is watching television and eating tortilla chips with salsa. He was like my moral support.

IMG_1979Let’s start with the picture of my outfit. I absolutely love it. I tucked in my sweater into my shorts and paired it with my white converse shoes. I finished the look with a set of three colorful bracelets. Oh and while I was making these pictures, I noticed that my calves were getting strong. Things like this make me happy! Hard work really does pay off.

I’m going to finish this post with the most exciting thing that happened this week. On Sunday, my cousin came over and we planned our ROADTRIP TO THE WEST COAST OF THE USA!!! Yes, we are going to travel for about 16 days. We will go to Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Joshua Tree, Page, Lake Powell, Zion National Park, Sequoia National Park, Yosemite National Park, San Francisco, Malibu,… I didn’t even summed up all the places. Of course, we will also visit my sisters who’s currently living in Redondo Beach, LA. I can’t wait to finally take off. It will be epic!

I love the watch he was wearing. It’s one of those wooden watches. Do you like it?



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