March Favorites


  1. Eyebrow Kit (Black) by Hema : This kit contains 1 colour eyebrow powder, 3 eyebrow stencils and 1 brush. I don’t use the brush, though. However, the color goes perfect with my original color. I feel like my face gets more definition by using the powder.
  2. Pro Eyeliner brush : Until this day, I didn’t know that I actually use an eyeliner brush. Oh well, it does its job for my eyebrows too.
  3. NYC Nail Polish (224 – Times Square) : I’m in love with the color and the consistancy is perfect. It stays on for a long time and with a long time, I mean at least 4 days without chipping!
  4. Rimmel Natural Bronzer : I recently bought this one and although I’m not too fond of the sparkles in it, I love the tan it gives me. I would even put it on my legs to give them that extra touch.
  5. Dior Addict Lipstick (578) : This is a sample I got with my ‘Miss Dior Chérie parfum’. I feel fancy when I’m wearing this. The consistancy is amazing and it looks very pretty on my lips. The color reminds me of a rasberry. Here’s a picture : 1947329_4220818696733_674040205_n
  6. Gourmet Lipstick by Les Cosmetiques : I feel like this lipstick will never run out. I have this for like 2 years now and there’s still a lot left. It looks more like a chapstick but it leaves a color on your lips too. It’s passion fruit flavored which I love.This is my go-to lipstick on my usual days.
  7. Cleansing Nose Strips by Kruidvat : these strips cleanse the pores and remove blackheads. My friend Febe recommended to buy these. I haven’t figured yet if these actually work but I just love to put this on my nose and then pull it off. It’s such a nice feeling.
  8. Lord Nelson Green Tea Vanilla : I already talked about this tea earlier but I’m just obsessed with it. Just smelling it makes me crave it. First of all it’s green tea, one of the best kinds of tea. Second thing is the fact that it has so much flavor. Last thing is the price of it; I always buy this tea in ‘Lidl’ and it’s very cheap. I can’t remember the price though. I could sip on it all day, every day.
  9. My last favorite is of course me being in Flair. I thought it was really special to see myself in a magazine.




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