Did I Succeed In My March Goals?


I made a cookie in a jar. I didn’t actually bake it but I did put the dry ingredients in a jar and made it all look beautfiul. I decided to not post this on my blog because the result isn’t as pretty as all the other ones on Pinterest. I really recommend trying to make this yourself. It’s a great gift too.


I stopped drinking diet coke, something I wanted to try for a longer time but never really took the energy to do so.

This month I bought superfoods and ‘healthier’ products at the bio shop. I’m still really excited about it. I also bought cookies in that shop because you have all these famous bars, cookies, chocolate brands,… that are gluten free, sugar free, dairy free… I love how there is so much choice. The only downside would be that these brands are more expensive than the ones in an actual supermarket.

After I’ve reflected on my previous goals, I’ll always write down my goals for the new month. Here are 4 goals for April :

  1. DIY : I want to make my own popsicles. These look great, don’t you think! I’m definitely going to experiment with different flavors. 6323294cdbb9d6869429971d022cd161
  2. Recipe : I want to make these healthy macaroons from ‘I Love Health’ *http://www.ilovehealth.nl/gezonde-macarons-recept/
  3. Sporty : I want to walk a lot more often outside. I find myself feel more relaxed afterwards. It just gives me the time to think about things and to enjoy the beautiful weather that we are having currently.
  4. Blogging : I would like to write down blog posts more often.

What would you like to reach this month?



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