My Week On Instagram #13

This week has been slightly different on Instagram. I’m doing this 100 happy days challenge in which I have to upload one picture a day of something that makes me happy. It can be something stupid or funny or weird. It’s all up to you! I find this an extremely cool challenge because it makes you enjoy more things in life. Ok, you can’t get forced to be happy but it’s a nice way to do so. Let’s take a look at my pictures of the week.

IMG_1762I love Mondays. That may sound weird to you but to me, a new week is a new start full of new opportunities and chances.

IMG_1769Waking up with the sun makes me extremely happy. I’m an early bird and I love being productive as much as possible throughout the day.

IMG_1835On Thursday I’ve got personal training for one hour. I loved it! I was in need for some exercises with weights. I learned new ones with a balance board, a swiss ball and more… As you’ll know, I’m really into the weight training thing lately and I love challenging myself by doing difficult exercises. My trainer said that he saw a lot of muscle definition compared to when I started. I got a lot of other compliments too.

IMG_1836The weather in Belgium has been great which gave me the chance to go for a lot of walks. I love walking in nice places. It’s so relaxing and peaceful, especially when there aren’t a lot of people.

IMG_1786This was an awesome sandwich I made earlier this week. It’s prokorn bread with an avocado spread, tomato and salmon. I love the combination of the saltiness of the salmon, the sweetness of the cherry tomatoes and the creaminess of the avocado.


I’ve been studying a lot this week because next week, I’ll have these very important tests for school.

IMG_1846Happy kids part 1! On Saturday, Claire and I went for a walk as a time-out between all the studying. We met Christophe on the go and talked for quite a bit. We had a lot of fun seeing each other back again.


This has been my go-to outfit for the past week. Skinny Jeans from Abercrombie, white converse and my favorite ‘Meow’ sweater from Sincerely Jules. The sunglasses are from Fossil. I love these big dramatic sunnies.

I’m now going to start repeating my French vocabulary because tomorrow, there will be this huge test. Wish me luck!



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