New In : Bio Shop Foods


Recently I did some groceries in my local bio shop. I wanted to do this for a long time but because it’s so expensive, I hesitated. This Tuesday I said to myself ‘Whatever, just do this’ and I stepped in the shop. This is what I got :

  1. Coconut oil : I had this before and let me tell you, this product has many benefits. It’s good for the skin; you can use it as a eye make up remover; it’s a good replacement for butter, … I paid less than 7 euros for 500gr which is a pretty good deal.
  2. Sugar free muesli : Muesli is that sort of product that looks healthy but actually isn’t. It’s packed with sugar most of the times. The one I bought, isn’t. I’m definitely going to use this for my breakfast parfaits.
  3. Almond butter : Heaven in a jar! The only ingredient are almonds. Very good product to use as a spread on a cracker before hitting the gym.
  4. Spelt flour : I read that this is the best flour you can find. I can’t wait to use it for recipes.
  5. Stevia chocolate : Not healthy but sugar free. That’s one step forward, right?

Have you ever used one of these products before? Did you like it?




2 thoughts on “New In : Bio Shop Foods

  1. Is coconut flower ook niet goed dan? Ik heb dat nu en ga het binnenkort in een receptje gebruiken! Love almond butter! Je moet eens een lepel almond butter in u protein shake doen!!

    • Margot says:

      Zeker goed! Zolang het maar geen witte bloem is. Als je wilt bakken met je coconut flour zal je wel baking powder moeten toevoegen zodat het rijst.

      Ik ga zeker eens almond butter doen in mijn shake, maar dan gaat dat wel een deel zijn van mijn hoofdmaaltijd ze. (anders beetje zwaar, niet?)

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