My Week On Instagram #11

IMG_1681This week has been lovely. I enjoyed the weather so much because I knew it would be the last week of wonderful temperatures like these.

On Sunday, I wore my new dress from Asos. I’ve had this dress for a few months now but I never really had the chance to wear it. I paired it with my sister’s jeans jacket, my white converse shoes and some gold bangles.

Speaking of bangles, my go-to bracelet combo lately are these little ones with cute charms on it. They came in a packet of four different colors but I can’t find the fourth one anymore.

The third picture might sound a little bit weird but hey, girls need underwear too. I bought these really cute undies and my favorite one is definitely the hot pink one.

Sports-wise, I continued the ‘running outside thing’. I find it very relaxing to breath in some fresh air and watching other people while running. I did four runs this week which is a pretty good start. Oh, I love my ‘Meow’ sweatshirt from Sincerely Jules. I kinda live in this thing.


IMG_1691In the first picture you can see vouchers that I got in exchange for old shoes and handbags. I’m very happy that I finally got rid of some of my really old handbags because I didn’t know where to put them.

The second picture shows my favorite tea. It’s the green tea with vanilla from the brand ‘Lord Nelson’. It really tastes like vanilla and when I drink a cup of tea, my whole room smells like it, as if a vanilla scented candle is burning.

I figured to buy some new nail polishes because my nail polish collection really needed a spring update. I got these three pretty colors but the picture doesn’t show how they look in real life. They are much brighter actually.

The last picture is completely random. I’m just in love with this three in my garden. It’s a Japanse cherry blossom. When it’s windy, the little flowers are falling down and they look like little snow flakes. So pretty!

Last but not least, I wanted to tell about this amazing afternoon I had with my friends and boyfriend. We went to this square where everyone was sitting to enjoy the weather. We drank a few drinks and talked a lot. Then, my boyfriend and I decided to go home. Francis drove me home with his ‘roofless’ car. I love these kind of days when everything seems so perfect.

I hope you had as much fun as I had.



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