My Week on Instagram #10


Oh what a beautiful week has passed. I have a lot to update, well actually not really but I do have to say a few things.

The first picture is a ‘selfie’. I love my sunglasses from Fossil but now that I see the picture, I don’t really think it does any justice to them.

In the second picture you can see the dish that my sister made recently. She wanted to cook a summery salad for us. I found it very tasty. Normally we always eat around 12:15 pm but that day we ate at 14:00 pm. My sister always takes so much them for everything. Djeezz but okay, I enjoyed the dish which makes everything better.

This weekend, temperature has risen a lot. I mean, it’s like 18° out there. I decided to go running outside instead of doing a run on the treadmill. I enjoyed every minute of it. My dad accompanied me by bike because I needed some motivation. I hadn’t run for 2 weeks because I was too busy taking classes in the gym and doing weight training. Anyway, we did like a route of 30 minutes. I’m going to work up my time but for now, this was good.

The fourth picture is one of me laying in the sun while studying. Gosh, I have to study a lot now because in two weeks I’ll have these important tests. Pray for me!

Last picture can be linked to my March goals. I said that I wanted to eat sugar again sometimes but in moderation. I had a good week I suppose because I ate a few chocolates every now and then but then I could stop. Also, I haven’t had diet coke for 9 days now. I drink water, tea and sometimes coffee instead. My craving for diet coke stopped. Hopefully, I can keep carrying on with this.



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