My Week On Instagram #9

February is officially over but winter isn’t. It has been raining a lot this week but after rain comes sunshine so I’ll be thinking positive. This week I have been very active. I did things with my friends, went for a walk, did some grocery shopping,… Let’s start with my first Instaframe.IMG_1544

  • Currently, I have been loving oatmeal for breakfast. I love to sweeten it with stevia or sometimes even some raw sugar. I also need a ton of fruit and sometimes even some kind of skin yogurt.
  • Tuesday didn’t start in a good way. I went to school with my bike but suddenly my wheel broke. I called my dad and he put my bike in his car. Then, I took the bus to school and of course I was half an hour later than I should. Luckily, the teacher wasn’t mad at me. The day after, an old man repaired my bike and I got a new wheel.
  • Last week, I ordered shoes from Asos. Wednesday, they arrived. I got white Converse shoes and black heels. Sadly enough, the black heels didn’t fit so I have to return them.
  • Can you see the muscles in my legs? Gym is paying off and I think that results are my biggest motivation to go on with what I do. I love to be strong and to be able to have this control over my body.
  • The sun was popping out so I figured to make a short walk. Can you see the rain on the ground? Anyway, I love walking which seems weird but I think it’s very relaxing.
  • I’ve found out that my shorts I wear for my work outs are yoga shorts in fact. However, I love them. They are so comfortable and I can spread my legs without showing anything. I bought them at H&M and they were very cheap, like 10 euros.
  • My boyfriend was making selfies when I wasn’t in the same room. I love to discover pictures like this on my Iphone. Today, we are 1 year and a half together. ❤
  • My friend Febe and I had a lunch date at bagel bar, Jackies. She is new on WordPress and I would love it if you check her out. I’ll link her below.

IMG_1545Here are the best things I’ve eaten this week :

  1. A smoked salmon and cream cheese bagel with rucola and avocado at Jackies.
  2. I tried this 9 bar for the first time and I found it delicious. It looked a bit weird because of the seeds but I was very tasty.
  3. I made this pasta with shrimps, leeks and a buttery white wine sauce. The recipe was based on the one of Byron Talbott, a man who makes delicious dishes on Youtube.
  4. A double choc farmer cookie from the brand ‘Sondey’.
  5. Pizza funghi with artichokes. I had this on ‘Fat Friday’ with the girls of my school.

I hope you liked this rather long post. Be sure to check out my following post about my March Goals and my February Favorites.

* Bagel bar :
* Shrimp Scampi & Linguine
* Febe’s blog :


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