Did I Succeed In My February Goals?


I made my own rainbow melted crayon art piece. It didn’t turn out the way I wanted it to be but I still like it. It’s very colorful and it was awesome to make.

IMG_1273I’ve run 12k in the beginning of the month.Although, I can’t remember running 12k, it wasn’t very hard for me.


I donated blood for the first time with two friends of mine and Next month, I’ll do it again. It didn’t take long at all and it didn’t hurt either.

As you can see, I don’t have a picture of my Valentine’s Day treats. That’s because I didn’t make any. I did gave my boyfriend hot choco sticks.

After I’ve reflected on my previous goals, I’ll always write down my goals for the new month. Here are 4 goals for March :

  1. I want to give up diet coke for once and for always. I think this is going to be a difficult one though.
  2. I want make my own cookie jar. I saw this idea on Pinterest before and I find it an adorable birthday present.
  3. I want to eat a salad every day. I do this for most day but sometimes I’m too lazy to make one. This time, I’m really going to make an effort. Also, I like to make a few recipes from Pascale Naessens, a health guru here in Belgium. I really like her book and the few recipes that I already made were a success.
  4. This one might sound strange because I just said that I’m going to eat lots of vegetables. However, I’d like to focus on eating some sweets every now and then. I find it very difficult to not binge when eating sugary food. I want to be that girl that can eat like 2 cookies and then stop. I’ll try and keep you updated about it. Also, I’m thinking about experimenting again in the kitchen and write recipes again.

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