Review : Bar Jan Cremer


For the last two weeks, I’ve been on a sandwich kick. It’s getting serieus! Don’t blame me because Bar Jan Cremer is guilty for my new ‘almost addiction’.

I’m a student (as you all know) and every Friday, my friends and I go out to eat somewhere. Instead of taking healthy stuff with us, we’ll opt for a more unhealthy solution. That’s why we call it ‘Fat Friday’. Haha, I love that we picked this name.

Anyway, last week I already posted about the New York classic bagel that I had back then. This one had cream cheese, smoked salmon, mango chutney, alfalfa and dried onions on it. Fingerrrlicking! Yesterday, I wanted to try another one. This time I had a bagel with goat cheese, apple, alfalfa and honey. This one was rather sweet but again, heaven in my mouth. The bagels aren’t hard to eat at all.

Besides bagels, you can also eat sandwiches and croques. The bar is also know for their coffee. When you enter the place, you immediately smell the amazing scent of coffee.

Everything you get is worth the price. The service in the bar was great. The man that helped us was really sweet and you could see that he loved what he was doing.

This post is especially for all the students of Ghent. You should try it! It won’t dissapoint at all.


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