Chocolate Mousse on Speculoos

IMG_1458This dessert is pretty decadent. It’s very rich but contains everything that makes this ‘cheat’ to a real ‘treat’. The recipe is from health guru Pascale Naessens. She has a few books here in Belgium and I love how her books contain more than just the recipes. There are stories in it and information why something is good for you or why not.

I reduced the recipe from 5 persons to one. I have to say though that it was really filling and not light at all.

Ingredients : 1 egg – 50gr speculoos, crushed – 15gr butter, melted – 60gr chocolate (it’s the best when you use a minimum of 70% cacao)

Combine the crushed speculoos with the melted butter. Melt de chocolate over a saucepan with hot water. Meanwhile, beat the egg white until firm. Combine the melted chocolate with the egg yolk and stirr in the beated egg white very careful. Put the crushed speculoos in a glass and top it with the chocolate mousse. Let it set for at least one hour in the refrigerator. Enjoy!


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