My Week On Instagram #6

A fantastic week has passed. It was my last week of vacation and I enjoyed every minute of it. I went to Spa on Monday and Tuesday for a romantic trip with my boyfriend, Francis. You can read more about it in my previous post.

On Wednesday, I relaxed at my house. I was very tired to be honest and I didn’t do very much that day. The next day however was very busy.

IMG_1273[1]I ran 12k in 1 hour and less than 10 minutes. I enjoyed this run a lot because it was a big step for me to exceed my time of 1 hour. I ran 10,5k/h which is really good for me.


After a good stretch, I went back to my house to shower. I then drove to ‘het Rode Kruis’. My friend Febe and her friend Jason arrived a little bit later. We were there to donate blood for the first time. We wanted to do this already for a while but since Febe wasn’t 18 yet, she couldn’t do it. Now that we’re both 18, time has finally come to do it. I was a little bit scared at first but it wasn’t painful or scary at all. At one point Febe turned very white which was really funny because she didn’t had a clue at all. She didn’t feel dizzy or weak. Her reaction was hilarious. The nurses immediately gave her a coke and she had to lay down for quite a bit.

10070_10203113323459134_1078750719_nAfter this funny situation, I drove to my boyfriend. We went skiing together in this indoor place at Terneuzen. It was really nice because I hadn’t skied in like … years?! I only fell one time, at the beginning. That’s good right?

On Friday, it was a leg day for me. I’m so soar right now.

IMG_1296Today (Saturday), I went shopping for my mom. She has had her second operation so she isn’t able to walk or to drive. We needed some groceries so I went to the supermarket because I looooooove doing that. I bought a bunch of fruit and vegetables, some turkey, tortilla chips that are supposed to be better for you, rice noodles and also these ‘spicy’ crips that you can see in the picture. They weren’t spicy at all to be honest. I loved the flavor so much that I had to take a picture of this for ‘My Week On Instagram’. Go buy them, Belgian people! They were only 0,79 euros.

So that was my week from Monday to Saturday. I now have to end this post because I have to go to my work in 30 minutes.



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