Surprise From My Boyfriend

IMG_1256My boyfriend surprised me with a trip to Spa. We had so much fun so I really wanted to write a post about it.

On Monday morning, I first did a 10k run in 1 hour. After this work out, I took a shower and my boyfriend picked me up to go to Spa. It was a two hour’s drive. When we arrived, we immediately went to our hotel to check in. Our room was nice and we had a cool view of the wood. Unfortunately, I didn’t take a picture of that.

IMG_1262The sun was shining and we had a clear blue sky so we went for a walk in the wood nearby. It was very relaxing actually. We had to take a cableway to go upstairs and we went back by foot. We also took some selfies at the highest point because the view was great. When we arrived back at the hotel, we drank something in the bar. I took a peppermint tea because I just love the flavor.

Meanwhile, time flew by and we got to our room to ‘chillax’. We dressed up and went for a fancy dinner in the restaurant of the hotel. My starter consisted of  ravioli with mushrooms and my main dish was fish with pasta pesto. Afterwards, I took a shower and Francis and I watched some TV.



The next day, we got up early to have a big but healthy breakfast. The buffet consisted of eggs, bacon, vegetables, bread, cereal, nuts, dried fruits, different fruits like pineapple, melon, grapefruit; salmon, turkey,… I drank the best tea I’ve had in a while, it was vanilla flavored. After our fancy breakfast, we packed our stuff and went back to the reception. We checked out and went to ‘les thermes de Spa’. It was so much fun. We swam outdoor and indoor, went to the sauna and the hammam; we lay under lights that heat your body; we went in the bubble bath,… There was also a room that smelled like lemongrass where you could lay down and relax. We stayed there for almost 3 hours and we were sooo relaxed when we were done.

On our way back to Ghent, we decided to go to Liège. We did some shopping and ate something at the mall. Then, we took the car back home but there was a lot of traffic. We were for like 1 hour in the traffic jam. Luckily, my boyfriend is really funny and he was acting crazy in the car.

The trip to Spa was amazing. We should do more things like this.


*We stayed in the Radisson Blu Hotel :


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