My Week On Instagram #5

IMG_1216I did a lot of fun stuff this week. First of all, I can proudly announce that I passed all my exams. I’m really happy with that!

On Tuesday, my boyfriend and I went to the gym to work out for quite a bit. I didn’t do that much so that night I went back to take a spinning class. I never go twice a day to the gym but this was an exception.

On Wednesday, I worked the whole day as a promo girl for Danone, a famous brand here in Belgium that sells yoghurt. I had to work with this really funny guy who I had a lot of fun with. When we finished working, I drove to my boyfriend’s house to watch some football with his friends.

On Thursday I went to my friend’s house to celebrate our results of our exams. We were with three people in total and we ordered some Chinese food. I thought it was a little bit boring, because it was just mihoen with chicken.

On friday, my friends from secondary school and I went to a really cool bar to eat some tapas. We ate calamaris, patata bravas, little sandwiches with goat cheese and honey,… It was a really fun night because I hadn’t seen my friends for a long time. I took the bus to go to Ghent and when I arrived at my bus stop, I was in shock. All the big old trees were felled because they want to build houses at those spots. It’s really sad to see all the trees laying down and that we just can’t do anything about it.

On Saturday, I took my first shake ever after working out with my boyfriend. He bought this ‘shakething’ for me because it’s better for your muscles to recover. It tasted really sweet and like strawberry. For lunch, my mom and I made bruchettas. It was delicious. We had them with pesto/mozzarella/basil, egg/fish eggs/anchovy, a mixture of avocado/tomato/garlic/anchovy/… Really fun to make too. That night, I worked again at our local Football stadium.

Yesterday, I didn’t do a lot. I packed my stuff because today I’m going on a trip with my boyfriend. I’ll tell you more about it in another post. I baked brownies for my family and tried one myself and I also worked for the first time in a restaurant where I will be working every weekend.

This was a short recap of my week. I hope you enjoyed!


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