January Favorites


January is over so I thought : “Why not doing my January favorites?” I have a few beauty products and two random favorites.

  1. My new purchase of the month : Miss Dior Chérie (perfume) from Dior. Lovely scent, perfect for romantic evenings. It’s expensive though but so worth it.
  2. Essence nail polish (I’m dynamite) : This glitter nail polish is perfect if you want to spice up your look.
  3. Essence coverstick : I really like this concealer. It’s very cheap and it does its job.
  4. Kruidvat hair repair anti klit silk spray : After showering, my hair tends to klit which is very annoying. This spray is the perfect solution for my hair.
  5. Cien deodorant sensitive : To be honest, I hate deodorant. The smell is always way too strong. To me, it’s the same as sweat. Recently I went grocery shopping for my mum and I saw this really cheap deodorant. It was a roll-on one. I smelled and wow, I finally found the perfect smell. Soft and fresh, not too strong and on top of that, it doesn’t irritate my skin.
  6. Novavie bamboo scrub & skin recovery mask : These products are amazing. By far the best products I’ve ever used! It was on the more expensive side (25 euros each) but the results are amazing. First I scrub my face in the shower. The formula is very soft and all natural (no perfume for example). Afterwards, I apply the mask and let it sit for about 20minutes. Then, I wash it all off and apply my favorite day or night cream.


  1. Fairtrade Oxfam Cacao : I try to buy more fairtrade products lately. That’s not a problem for me because I love going to the Oxfam shop in my town. There are so many cool products to cook with. In the beginning of the month, I bought this cacao. It’s unsweetened so perfect for cooking. It just tasted like a regular cacao but it was very granular.
  2. The cookbook of Pascale Naessens : She’s a healthguru here in Belgium. Her recipes are great and very healthy of course. I love it because she also tells things about her life and she explains why this lifestyle is so good. I really recommend trying some of her recipes. They are basically mediterranean inspired.



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