Vision Board 2014


Here it is, DIY n°1! I made my own vision board and I’m very very veeeery happy with the result. It turned out just like I wanted it to be. It has different aspects of my life. Let me explain the different things you can see.

  1. You can see some pictures of me. That’s because my vision board is obviously about me and my life.
  2. There are also three pictures of my boyfriend and I because he plays a big role in my life. He’s my second hand, let’s say.
  3. There are a few quotes on the board because I get inspired by them. The quotes relate a lot to me. I’m going to translate a few for you : “Fall, get up and go on!”
    “Go on. Always.”
    “Impress by being yourself!”
  4. Of course there are health related pictures because healthy living is my passion. Things like running, fitness, juicing, salads, pineaple (one of my favorite fruits) … are mentioned.
  5. I’m a girl so beauty is very important for me. I want to look good and I actually really like it to use make up and to treat myself.
  6. Last but not least, you can see some random sayings like ‘saving money’, ‘growing up’, ‘women can’t park’, ‘defense’, ‘family’,… these all describe myself in the perfect way.

I really hope you like this idea and I recommend doing it yourself. It will be nice to look back at it!


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