My Week On Instagram #3

The end of the week, new post!

IMG_1046Snacking on some homemade crunchy popcorn with cacao and raw sugar.

IMG_1016IMG_1008My current body shape. After doing 5 months of fitness, I’m more toned and a lot fitter. Oh and this is my usual work out outfit.

IMG_1029I painted my nails with this purple nailpolish today. It’s called ‘Urban Purple’ from Rimmel. Now that I take a better look, the color looks like red in the picture but in real, it isn’t! 🙂


IMG_1027Sticking to the salad thing every night! I’ve been experimenting a little bit lately with some new recipes and I fell in love with the second salad. Basically, it’s just broccoli and 1/2 of an avocado with some feta sprinkled on top. I know this salad will possibly scare you because it’s so green but believe me when I say that the flavors go really well together.

The first salad is btw a simple Greek salad. You can never go wrong with that one of course.

Sorry for the lack of posts! On Wednesday, my exams will be done which means I’ll be focussing a lot more on my blog.



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