My Week On Instagram #2


My week on instagram is back!! Very happy about that! I don’t have a lot of pictures this week because there hasn’t happened anything exciting. My sister left to LA for one year, so that was kind of a bummer. I will miss her a lot because although we fight a lot, she’s really important for me. We are also interessed in the same things like fashion, working out, travelling,… On Tuesday, we said goodbye and suddenly it was really empty in the house. 😦 She left me this quote that says ‘What Seems Hard Now Will One Day Be Your Warm Up’. It’s hanging on a bulletin board above my desk and I think it’s very inspiring. It basically means that you have to start from the bottom to get to the top.

The second picture is one of my face earlier this week. I usually don’t take a lot of selfies except when I want to send some funny snapchats to my friends. I really liked my make up that day. My lips were red. However, it seems pink. I also really like the earrings that I’m wearing. It’s something I wouldn’t wear normally but I really like how it can spice up a plain outfit.

The third pictures defines my life right now. I’m having exams so I need to study a lot. I really hate it because I’m not good at it. It’s also my first year as a freshman in college. I don’t want to fail so I try to do the best I can.

The last picture is really cute. The little notes say sweet things like ‘I love you’, ‘You look great’, ‘What a beautiful girl in the mirror’,… My boyfriend did this as a surprise. My room was full of these little notes. Such a romantic gesture, don’t you think?

That was about it. I hope you enjoyed!



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