My Workout Routine

It’s that time again… I’m going to give an update on my workout routine. As you all now by now, I’m a fitness freak. I love to spice up my routine by changing it up every now and then.

I don’t remember when it exactly happenend but it think it had to be in the beginning of November. I injured my knee during spinning class. I thought that it would heal but the pain didn’t go away. Stretching helped a little bit but the doctor advised me to let it rest. That’s when I stopped running and doing spinning class. I hated it but I had to. Although I stopped doing my favorite things, I chose to try out some other fitness equipment. The crosstrainer and the stairs machine were my two new favorite machines and I also discovered ‘bokwa’.


This is what I do on a regular base :

On Monday, I take a BBB class. You focus on your belly, your butt and your arms. The teacher is so cool and motivating. I always stand in front of the room so that I can’t give up because everyone is looking at me! 🙂 After that, I like to do a quick run for like half an hour. When I still feel energized, I will run for like 40-45 minutes.

On Tuesday, I take a class with weights. After that, I’ll do a run. Again, it depends on how I feel.

Wednesday, it’s usually a rest day.

On Thursday, I take my FAVORITE class ever! It’s called ‘bokwa’. Basically, you make these weird moves that form letters and numbers. At the end, you’ll sweat like a horse. I’ll end my work out with a run.

I always try to work out 5 times a week. That means that I go exercise 2 times during the weekend. It varies every week. However, I really like to work out in the mornings. The only thing is that I lose so much time with it. Especially now, when having exams.

As you’ve read, I run again. It shows that resting really helps. Running will always be my passion, no matter what. I tend to get high and feel very happy. It must be the endorphins.

After my run, I walk a little while to drop my heart rate. I even like to hike. Yes, I hike on the treadmill! To finish, I STRETCH. This is very important for your muscles! DO NOT FORGET PLEASE.

I hope that I inspired you to work out more often. It could be in the gym, outside or even at home. It’s worth everything!

*This picture was taken in the summer of 2012. I love my body shape in here.


4 thoughts on “My Workout Routine

    • That’s so nice to hear! I love your blog too. I really want nice pictures like yours. Maybe in the future, I’ll buy a professional camera.:)
      I’m just back from a 55 min run. BAM! Keep it up and stay focussed on everything you do. Oh, I’m a follower now! 😉

      Ps : You are beautiful! (I just had to say it hehe!)

      • Haha thank you for your lovely words Margot. The camera makes a huge difference so I can guarantee it would be a worthy investment 🙂 looking forward to reading more of your posts.

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