Fashion Inspiration

Lately, I’ve been more interested in fashion. I’ve never been like that because I had to wear uniform in elementary school and in secondary school. In the weekend, I always wore a simple shirt with some pyjama pants.

I want to post some of my favorite looks I found recently. You will see famous bloggers like ‘sincerely jules’, ‘tuula vintage’ and ‘song of style’.


I don’t know if those boyfriend jeans would fit me, but I really like this casual chic look. The blouse is my thing and the color of the pants is very nice. I like the fact that she paired the look with heels instead of sneakers.

tuula vintage- mint colors

This outfit makes me happy. It’s clean and soft, just what I like. The shoes seem a little bit painful though. I love the simplicty and the pastel colors.


Again, I love the simplicity of this look. The pants are so me and I think it fits any person. It’s very flattering for your butt too. This would be my ‘Je m’en fou – look’.

lovely_pepa_stiletto_serpiente_1-417x595Girly, classy and chic. Perfect for a dinner party or a meet up with your girlfriends.

a13447cad995257b285c7eed38f62364I’m in love with these boots. The color is just perfect and the outfit seems very cosy.


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