New Year’s Resolutions

71430_10152297820449863_2020991811_nThis picture was taken on new year’s eve.

As I started my blog one year ago with my new year’s resolutions for 2013, I wanted to do the same thing, one year later. Some will remain the same but I do have a few new ones.

1. I want to make more money. Life’s expensive as a student but I want to enjoy every minute of it. Twice a month will be the minimum. I’m thinking of getting a job for the weekend? I’m planning to do student jobs during school breaks.

2. I want to travel a lot more. I’m old enough now and I think it’s a good thing to explore and visit new places. I’m definitely going to LA this summer. My sister will stay there for a whole year and I want to visit her. I’m not sure who I’m going with but my cousin is interested. It would be so much fun. I’m also thinking of going on a roadtrip with some friends. Wouldn’t that be cool?

3. I want to keep up with my work out routine. I’ve started doing fitness about half a year ago and ever since then, I feel so much better. I love to sport and make myself proud. It’s great for the mind too. This year I’ll be taking classes like BBB, bokwa,spinning class and ofcourse do some running, crosstrainer, hiking on the treadmill and using the stairs machine.

4. I’m so sick of being addicted to the Internet so I decided to take a step back and be more creative. I want to do more DIY’s that I will be posting on my blog of course.

5. Be more social. I tend to stay in my room for hours. I want to act more and think less. Therefore I’m going to be more outside and do more activities, not only with my boyfriend but also with my girlfriends.

6. Like every girl I want to stay healthy. 2013 has been fantastic already. I was experimenting with different eating lifestyles. Clean eating is really difficult for every one of us but it’s so important for our bodies. It means eating things in its natural state, not being processed. My main focus this year will be controlling my portions and of course, my sugar free lifestyle will be continued.

7. This is also a health-related resolution. I want to eat a lot more salads because I absolutely love them. Sometimes I’m a little bit lazy to make them but this year I will make it a habit to eat habits for diner/lunch every day.

8. Last but not least I’m also thinking of making videos again, or pictures. I don’t know yet. I just want to share my life with all of you because life’s to short and you have to do what you love.

I send all my love to you and wish all of you a happy 2014!


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