September has been crazy. The 1st September, Francis and I were two years together. We went swimming in a tropical indoor swimming pool. Afterwards, we decided to go out for dinner. We really enjoyed that day a lot. That night he stayed at my house because the next day he would drive me to the airport. That’s because my cousin, Bas, and I were going to the USA to go on a road trip to the West (coast) of the USA.

Our first stay would be LA. After arriving in LAX, we first had to get our rental car. We chose the jeep which we thought was pretty big. However, our car was nothing like compared to all the cars LA people were driving.


I was very tired after being on a plane the whole day so the only thing I wished for at that point was a bed. We had booked a room in the Samesun hostel in Venice. This was my first experience with hostels. I liked it for one night but I wouldn’t recommend it because the bathroom was kind of dirty, in particular the shower.

Anyway, the next day we wandered around at the beach. We met a black guy who wanted us to listen to ‘his’ music. We liked the guy so we bought his CD for 5 dollars. Little did we know that we would listen to that CD the whole trip.

After seeing Venice Beach, we decided to get a green juice at Kreation, an awesome place at Abbot Kinney if you enjoy food but still want to keep it clean. After visiting some shops at Abbot Kinney, we headed to Hollywood where we saw Beverly Hills and the Walk of Fame. We thought this was a little bit of faded glory. To eat, we went to this awesome Mexican place where we ate the best fish tacos.

We ended our day in USA hostels in Hollywood. We met an Asian guy who was pretty cool too. This hostel was way nicer because everything was better organized; the kitchen was bigger and the bathroom was very clean.


The next day, we decided to get our work out done. We hiked all the way up at Runyon Canyon. In the end, we got a view over the valley and we could even see the Hollywood sign. Then, we met Bas’ friend Zoe in Koreatown. They first met in Israel and Bas contacted her again because back then, she said that if he would ever go to LA, he should come to visit her. He sent her an email and we could couch surf at her place. Actually it wasn’t hers but the house of her two moms. They lived in Venice and were the coolest parents ever (after mine… DUH).

Back to Koreatown! Zoe wanted us to guide through LA but she didn’t want to show us the most obvious touristic attractions. In Koreatown we got a Chinese foot- and body massage. I even fell asleep. Then we went to this all you can eat Korean BBQ restaurant. Sadly enough, I can’t remember its name anymore. I was so stuffed after that meal that I couldn’t eat anything else that day.


After eating, we wanted to chill for quite a bit. We wandered around and saw a golf court above a parking lot. We also went to Union Station, Grand Central Market and the oldest street of  LA. To end the day, we went to this arty district of the city. We met camera men who were filming a documentary for National Geographic. They needed two persons for a scene. Bas and I wanted to be in NG of course so we did our first acting job ever there. This was so cool.

We only went to the house when it was already 10pm. I was so tired because we had done so much that day. I knew I had to sleep well because the next day we would start our actual road trip…

To be continued.

My Week On Instagram #18

Hello Reader

This week has been so much fun although it has been raining all week. Come take a look at my highlights of the week :

IMG_2262On Tuesday, I had to work as a promo girl for Soyjoy. This is a healthy bar made of soy, nuts and dried fruit. It’s famous in Japan, the land of origin. I had to work with another girl and two boys. We had a lot of fun that day. Our outfits that we had to wear, were from the sports collection of H&M. Who doesn’t like to work in sports gear?

First, we had to sample on the Meir in Antwerp. Afterwards, there was this big yoga event and we had to make the goodiebags, welcome the guests, … I got a lot of bars myself which is awesome. IMG_2285On Wednesday my boyfriend surprised me. He drove me home after school and later that day we went out for dinner. We drank a mojito to start and then had a ‘Mac Marrakech’, a burger with lamb and a side of couscous and a Greek salad. Dedicated as we are, we went to the gym afterwards because we love working out together. Surprises as this make me extremely happy.

IMG_2276On Thursday I’ve donated blood for the second time. I filled a bag with blood in 5 minutes and 12 seconds which is really good because you get 12 minutes in total. It didn’t hurt at all and Febe accompanied me again.

IMG_2291The last picture is really important to me. This is a little book in where you can read things that make you happy, thankful,… As you all know by now, I’m a really mindful person. I try to make the best out of every day and most of the times, this works. I set goals because I want to have productive days but I’m realistic. If something doesn’t work out than I try to discover why it didn’t work out. I try to learn from my faults and I know my imperfections. I try to be a good girlfriend and student but most of all, I try to be me. I don’t want to change myself for other people and I think that’s what people like about me. I’m real and I earn what I have.


My Week On Instagram #17

Happy Monday dear reader

I figured to share my highlights of the week rather than sharing my whole week. Let’s take a closer look…

IMG_2136On Tuesday I had one class of Spanish and afterwards, I returned the shorts I bought in H&M earlier that month. They weren’t the right size. Instead I bought a really flattering top in a minty color. I love it because I can combine it with a lot of other clothes I already have.

On Wednesday my boyfriend came over and he stayed the night. He could stay because on Thursday my weekend started already. The next day we studied together and it really worked out. I did a morning run while he made himself ready for the day and served breakfast in bed. I wish we could do this every day. That night, I had to work in the restaurant.

On Saturday, my mom and I went shopping. We never do this and after weeks of asking her to go shopping with me, she finally did it. I got a new jeans jacket and a pair of beautiful sandals. I think I haven’t worn sandals in years. I can’t get over them especially when I wear them in combination with a dress and my jeans jacket. I should ask my dad if he wants to take a picture when I wear an outfit like this.

IMG_2203In the afternoon I sneaked out of the house to have a gym session with my boyfriend. I’m still sore but I’m not complaining because my hard work pays off. I’m getting stronger every day. That night I worked again. Basically I worked three days in a row which is totally fine for me because I need the money. I’m saving so that I’ll have the best vacation ever.

On Sunday I went to Francis’ house to study. We studied the whole day and I did a lot for school. I’m even amazed myself.

Oh and to finish I’d like to share my awesome food/drink favorites of the week.

IMG_2173Homemade lemonade with fresh mint

IMG_2204yogurt with strawberries and a couple of cashew nuts

Have a great week you all!



April Favorites


  1. Dove Summer Glow : I’ve been using this product non-stop and I love it. It’s a tanning body lotion so it nourishes your skin but it also gives you a tan. Obviously this isn’t like a self tanner but I think it looks very natural.
  2. Touch of Happiness Body Cream (Sweet Orange & Cedar Wood) : This was one of the products that came in the set that I got from Francis. This body cream smells heavenly. It’s very strong and very herbaceous. Whenever I put this on my skin, I feel fancy.
  3. Rituals Mild Facial Cleansing Milk : This product is perfect for me because it’s very soft on the skin and gentle too. It contains Lotus Flower and Moringa Extract so it smells delicious. My skin feels really clean after I’ve used this milk and my make up really does come off easily.
  4. Rituals Refreshing Facial Toner : I use this in combination with my cleansing milk. This toner also contains Lotus Flower and Moringa Extract and it’s perfect to remove the remaining impurities. This is the ultimate finish to your cleansing ritual.
  5. Maybelline Superstay Better Skin : This foundation promises you an instant even skin tone and a better looking skin in 3 weeks. I don’t know if this is true but I do believe that my skin looks better lately. The foundation is a little bit thicker than the ones I used before so you really have to work fast when blending it in onto your face. It contains SPF20 and I use the color ‘030-Sand’.


Did I Succeed in My April Goals?

IMG_1836I made a lot of awesome walks. Towards the end of the month, I did that same route but at that time, I ran it. I became that person that needs to go outside at least one hour each day.

10312135_4314130909480_1702295081_nThis picture was made right after a one hour weight training workout and a half an hour run. My boyfriend said that I look great in this picture. He defined it as energetic, bright and healthy. I love when he says such thing because I feel like he really understands how good I feel after a good workout. Oh and I’m wearing my brand new top from H&M. I love the minty color.

My second goals was to blog more and I guess I blogged more than usual this month but towards the end, I forgot about it.

I didn’t make my own healthy macaroons which I’m sad about. The main reason is that I didn’t have all the ingredients at home. I’m definitely going to try them in the future though.

I also wanted to make my own popsicles this month. I made them but never really blogged about it just because I couldn’t give an exact recipe. There are so much varieties, you know. I just cut up fruit and put it in the popsicle and then added some liquid to fill it up.

After I’ve reflected on my previous goals, I’ll always write down my goals for the new month. Here are 4 goals for May :

  1. I want to run at least 3, maybe 4 times a week. I prefer to do it after my weight training work out. Most of the times I run about half an hour.
  2. Juicing really prevents my skin from blemishes. I’ll try to juice every day.
  3. This will sound weird but I really want to focus on my studies. I find it really hard to stay concentrated sometimes. This month I really need to try my best because in June, I’ll have exams.
  4. I want to do a post ‘What I Ate’. I’ve seen it on other blogs and I find it very interesting to see what other people eat in a day.

What would you like to reach this month?


My Week On Instagram #16

Dear reader

I’m so sorry that I’m posting this on a Tuesday. Time goes by so fast and before you know, the week is over already.

On Thursday I met up with my dear friend, Febe who started a blog recently. I’ll link her below. We went to the Soup’r for lunch. In my opinion, they serve the best soup in Ghent. Beside soup, you can also opt for salads, sandwiches and even dessert. Febe went for a thai curry soup with pieces of chicken and peanuts and I had the Asparagus soup. I wish I knew the recipe.

After our lunch, we went to one of my favorite shops at the moment. It calls ‘Rituals’ and I love the concept. Most of the products are for your body but you can also buy make up, tea en a few home decor things. I had to buy a gift box for a friend of mine (Lore) who would give a surprise BBQ later that week. The shop-assistant asked if we needed any help and said that they had an amazing deal. All the skincare products were 2+1 which gave us the opportunity to buy an amazing present for Lore.

We spent like an hour in that shop because the girl started to test some products on our hands. Febe and I loved it so much that we bought 3 products for ourselves. I also really liked the fact that she gave us a lot of information about the products.

I bought the exfoliator, a product that you have to use twice a week to scrub off all the dead skin of your face. You have to be very gentle on your skin with the product because their are a lot of grains in it. The second product I bought was a toner. Basically you have to use this after you removed your make up to remove the excess make up. It gives your pores the chance to close up. Lastly, I bought the day cream. This was also the most expensive product but I knew, it would be a investment. I have been using these products for a week now and I seriously can’t complain. My skin looks great and I don’t have any pimples right now. The fact that I have been juicing lately, will also be a reason for that I think.

Ok, that description was waaay too long! Let’s move on…

After all the shopping, we were a little bit thirsty and we decided to have a drink. I went for my usual tea, lemon tea this time and Febe went for the freshly squeezed lemon juice. They gave her sugar to make it less sour and a little can of water. I had a taste and I found it so tasty that I tried to make my own lemonade at home. It was a success.

Afterwards, we went home again. I enjoy spending time with Febe. I always have a great time with her and she’s just a nice person to talk with. I feel comfortable and that’s a big thing for me because most of the time, I’m anxious to meet up with someone.

IMG_2111On Friday night I had to work but I didn’t mind because I really needed the money. On Saturday, I went for a 40 minutes run. That night, I picked up my boyfriend to go to the BBQ of Lore. She wanted to surprise her boyfriend, Francis’ best friend, for his birthday. His reaction was really cute because he had no idea. We all had the best time. I love parties like this : good music, delicious food, lovely people,… After dinner we decided to sit by the fire that the boys made in the garden. It was 2 am already when I finally got home.

IMG_2107On Sunday I had to go to a family party for my cousin’s communion. We barely see each other so it was nice to catch up.

Do you see your family a lot ?


* Febe’s blog :

Juice It Up! #FFS

I have to admit something, I love juicing. It feel so refreshed after drinking a glass of juice. Of course, I make it myself because the store-bought juice is filled with sugar and bad ingredients.

I thought it would be fun to share one of my favorite juices. Basically, you just have to juice all these ingredient. It’s really up to you how much of a certain veggie or fruit you use. Let’s start!
Ingredients :
2 big tomatoes – 1/3 cucumber – 1 lemon – 1 apple – ginger (to taste)

This juice is packed with vitamins. You’re very hydrated afterwards which makes this a good juice for spring/summer. It’s also good for your digestion and skin.

IMG_2099I also recommend you to make your own lemonade. It’s so incredibly delicious. You just need 3/4 of a glass filled with freshly squeezed lemon juice (but you can also use grapefruit juice for example). Then add a little bit cold water to thin it out and a few stevia drops to make it a little bit less sour. That’s all you need and I promise you…you will love it!

Oh and I totally realize that my arm looks yellow in the picture. Don’t mind, it’s just the light that’s doing weird.